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Q. 1   What does ORM stands for in laravel?

object-relational Mapping

Q. 2   Which command is used to create migrations in Laravel?

php artisan make:migration create_users_table

Q. 3   Composer is a tool for ______ in PHP.

Dependency management

Q. 4   Which class is used in Laravel to handle exceptions?


Q. 5   For what do the .env is used?

For setting environment variables

Q. 6   Where is the routing file located in Laravel ?


Q. 7   How to check current laravel version install your system?

php artisan --version

Q. 8   What is Laravel?

PHP framework

Q. 9   Where do we need to set database connection in Laravel?

.ENV file

Q. 10   Which of the following is true about Laravel?

All of the above

Q. 11   Command line interface used in Laravel is called?


Q. 12   In the MVC framework, the letter ( C ) stands for?


Q. 13   Cookie can be created by global cookie helper of Laravel.


Q. 14   In MVC framework, the letter "V" stands for Views.


Q. 15   Which version introduces the concept of using Blade?

Laravel 5.1

Q. 16   Laravel uses the Blade @extends directive for defining the child elements


Q. 17   How to create a controller in laravel by cmd?

php artisan make:controller contoller_name

Q. 18   Which keyword allows the developers to shorten the namespace?


Q. 19   Which command is used to start laravel server?

php artisan serve

Q. 20   Bootstrap directory in Laravel is used to__________

Initialize a Laraval application

Q. 21   Which one Laravel command line interface?

Php artisan

Q. 22   Why does Laravel use the Blade Template Engine?

For the view in MVC

Q. 23   ________________ can be defined as a class of elements in which each element has a unique name to that associated class.


Q. 24   Interpolation of variable in laravel done using


Q. 25   View files in Laravel end in________


Q. 26   When was Laravel first released?

June 2011

Q. 27   After running "artisan down", The project will show the maintenance page. What would be HTTP Status return Code?


Q. 28   Where are all the Laravel Models stored at ?

Main app directory

Q. 29   Who developed Laravel?

Taylor Otwell

Q. 30   What is the purpose of Laravel Blade Template Engine?

Makes writing syntax easy and readable

Q. 31   What is the purpose of learning Web Programming?

To talk to computers

Q. 32   The vendor directory contains

Third-party code

Q. 33   Which one of the following command is used to create middleware in Laravel?

php artisan make: middleware

Q. 34   What is Node JS?

JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code

Q. 35   Laravel is a ____ framework?


Q. 36   Does Laravel follow the MVC concept?


Q. 37   Does Laravel follow the object-oriented approach?


Q. 38   Does PHP follow the object-oriented approach?


Q. 39   Laravel is ____ framework?


Q. 40   Is Laravel an open-source?


Q. 41   All dependencies are specified in the ____ file, which is located in the source folder?


Q. 42   How many built-in libraries does Laravel provides?


Q. 43   The database definitions and structure are kept in PHP code using ____.

Schema Builder

Q. 44   ____ installed on your system before you install Laravel.


Q. 45   Which folder in Laravel includes the entire source code of the project?


Q. 46   ____ contains the artisan commands required by Laravel.


Q. 47   What is the extension of the folder which includes all the events for the project?


Q. 48   What is the name of the file which handles all the exceptions?


Q. 49   Which folder in Laravel contains model, controllers and views defined for the specific directories?


Q. 50   Which of the following folder is the root folder and helps in initializing the Laravel application?


Q. 51   The ____ folder includes all the composer dependencies?


Q. 52   ____are those that offer your web application with a list of web services.

Environment variables

Q. 53   In which of the following file, environment variables are declared?


Q. 54   All requests in Laravel are mapped using ____.


Q. 55   ____serves as a link between a request and its response.


Q. 56   How many types of middleware are there in Laravel?


Q. 57   Which of the following functions as a bridge between Views and Models?


Q. 58   The ____function may be used to connect the response to headers?


Q. 59   Which of the following separates the application logic and the presentation logic?


Q. 60   How many databases does Laravel supports?


Q. 61   ____ are used to store information about the user across the requests.


Q. 62   How many arguments does the Get() method takes in session?


Q. 63   Laravel uses free feature-rich library ____ to send emails?


Q. 64   What do you mean by CSRF in Laravel?

Cross site forgery attacks

Q. 65   Does Laravel generate CSRF token automatically?


Q. 66   The process of recognising the user credentials is known as ____?


Q. 67   Which of the following commands is needed to construct forms and the controllers connected with them in order to accomplish authentication?

php artisan make:auth

Q. 68   ____is the controller used for authentication.?


Q. 69   In ____, the system or web application determines whether authenticated users may access the resources they are attempting to access or request?


Q. 70   Is authorization and authentication the same thing?


Q. 71   Policies classes arrange authorization logic around a certain model or resource?


Q. 72   Which of the following command is used to create a policy?


Q. 73   ____ is the act of turning plain text to a message using techniques that prevents any third party from reading the information?


Q. 74   Which AES algorithm is used by Laravel?


Q. 75   Is Error 403 and Error 404 the same kind of errors?


Q. 76   Which of the following are the alternatives of Laravel?

All of the above

Q. 77   Which of the following is the oldest broadcasting organization who uses Laravel?


Q. 78   Command to install laravel project?

composer global require laravel/installer

Q. 79   By default laravel project runs on which PORT?


Q. 80   CLI Command to migrate in Laravel project?

php artisan serve

Q. 81   Command to check the status of migration in laravel application?

php artisan migrate:status

Q. 82   Laravel is based on which design pattern?

MVC(ModeI View Controller) Pattern

Q. 83   which command is used to clear the cache in laravel?

php artisan cache:clear

Q. 84   In which folder .htaccess file is located in laravel?


Q. 85   In which directory robots.txt file is located?


Q. 86   Method to logout authenticated user in laravel?


Q. 87   .env file exist in directory:


Q. 88   All images and other resources are placed in:

Public Folder

Q. 89   What is path of controller files ?


Q. 90   Which of the following directory is used to save laravel model files ?


Q. 91   Which files are part of auth directory in Laravel?

All of the above

Q. 92   Which command is used to make model??

php artisan make:model model_name

Q. 93   Which of the following methods on Collection will get all the records from it?


Q. 94   Does Laravel support Bootstrap?


Q. 95   What is Full form MVC architecture?

Model, View and Controller.

Q. 96   Command to get the route list in Laravel?

php artisan route:list

Q. 97   Full form of ORM in laravel?

Object Relation Mapping

Q. 98   How many types of Middleware in Laravel?


Q. 99   What is it Blade?

Template Engine

Q. 100   What is laravel 10 version Release date?

February 2023