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Q. 1   Scanner is which type of device ?
  • Correct Answer: A. Input

Q. 2   To select the entire document, use :
  • Correct Answer: A. Ctrl + A

Q. 3   The ability to combine name and addresses with a standard document is called ________
  • Correct Answer: C. Mail merge

Q. 4   Home Key uses for
  • Correct Answer: D. Moves the cursor beginning of the line

Q. 5   Which of the following are word processing software ?
  • Correct Answer: D. All of above

Q. 6   Ctrl + N is used to
  • Correct Answer: C. New Document

Q. 7   The brain of any computer system is
  • Correct Answer: C. CPU

Q. 8   Window and graphics system implements the
  • Correct Answer: A. Graphical User Interface

Q. 9   Ctrl + R means -
  • Correct Answer: D. right align the selected paragraph.

Q. 10   Which feature is used to make selected sentence to All Captital Letters or All Small Letters ?
  • Correct Answer: C. Change Case

Q. 11   Which of these software applications was not part of the first version of Microsoft Office ?
  • Correct Answer: C. Outlook

Q. 12   To go to a specific location in a document we use :
  • Correct Answer: C. Bookmark

Q. 13   What is the short key for BOLD -
  • Correct Answer: C. Ctrl + B

Q. 14   ALU stands for -
  • Correct Answer: A. Arithmetic logic unit

Q. 15   Which one of the following needs to be clicked to change the size of the words in Notepad application ?
  • Correct Answer: A. Font

Q. 16   Which item is not there in Notepad menu bar ?
  • Correct Answer: C. Insert

Q. 17   What is the meaning of Word wrap ?
  • Correct Answer: B. moving text automatically to the next line

Q. 18   The document can be zoomed maximum up to :
  • Correct Answer: D. 500%

Q. 19   What is the maximum font size you can apply for any character ?
  • Correct Answer: A. 1638 font size

Q. 20   How can you increase the font size of selected text ?
  • Correct Answer: A. Ctrl + Shift + >

Q. 21   What is the shortcut key to create a "New" document ?
  • Correct Answer: C. Ctrl + N

Q. 22   What is the shortcut key to "Print" a document ?
  • Correct Answer: D. Ctrl + P

Q. 23   How can you increase the font size of selected text ?
  • Correct Answer: C. Font Effects

Q. 24   We can start MS Word by typing ________ in the Run Dialog box.
  • Correct Answer: A. winword.exe

Q. 25   Which one is the the spreadsheet application that comes with MS Office software group ?
  • Correct Answer: B. MS Excel

Q. 26   What is the shortcut key to open the Open dialog box ?
  • Correct Answer: C. Ctrl + F12

Q. 27   The options Potrait and Landscape comes under ________
  • Correct Answer: B. Page Orientation

Q. 28   We have copied an image from one document, now which shortcut will we used to paste it in another document ?
  • Correct Answer: C. Ctrl + V

Q. 29   What is the range of Font Size available in Font Size drop down toolbar ?
  • Correct Answer: B. From 8 to Large 72

Q. 30   Which keyboard shortcut for Spell Checking in a word document ?
  • Correct Answer: B. F7

Q. 31   What is the shortcut key for "Superscript" the selected text ?
  • Correct Answer: D. Ctrl + Shift + +

Q. 32   What is the shortcut key for "Find" a word in document ?
  • Correct Answer: A. Ctrl + F

Q. 33   Ctrl + Y stand for __
  • Correct Answer: B. Repeat the last Action

Q. 34   The key F12 open as
  • Correct Answer: C. Save As dialog box

Q. 35   Which one is not a Function in MS Excel ?
  • Correct Answer: C. AVG

Q. 36   Which function in Excel checks whether a condition is true or not ?
  • Correct Answer: C. IF

Q. 37   The cell reference for cell range of A1 to M12 is _______
  • Correct Answer: D. A1:M12

Q. 38   Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called....
  • Correct Answer: A. Referencing

Q. 39   PowerPoint presentations are widely used as______
  • Correct Answer: D. All of above

Q. 40   Special effects used to introduce slides in a presentation are called_____
  • Correct Answer: B. Transitions

Q. 41   Which one of the following is not an application software package ?
  • Correct Answer: A. Red Hat Linux

Q. 42   MS word is software of ____
  • Correct Answer: D. Microsoft

Q. 43   To show the font dialog box press ____
  • Correct Answer: B. Ctrl + D

Q. 44   ____ button reduces the window to an icon but word still remains active.
  • Correct Answer: D. Minimize

Q. 45   What is the ghosted text or picture behind the content on the page ?
  • Correct Answer: B. Watermark

Q. 46   Which is not a page size in MS Word document ?
  • Correct Answer: D. Z100

Q. 47   Use _____ to follow hyperlink.
  • Correct Answer: C. Ctrl + Click

Q. 48   To make the selected text underline, the shortcut key is _____
  • Correct Answer: D. Ctrl + U

Q. 49   _____ are advanced features that can speed up editing or formatting you may perform often in a word document.
  • Correct Answer: D. Macros

Q. 50   Who created Internet Explorer ?
  • Correct Answer: A. Microsoft

Q. 51   A detailed written description of the programming cycle and the program, along with the test results and a printout of the program is called _____
  • Correct Answer: D. Documentation

Q. 52   A word processor would be used best to
  • Correct Answer: D. type a story

Q. 53   To move data from one part of the document to another, following is used.
  • Correct Answer: B. Cut and Paste

Q. 54   Go to end of a document, press _____
  • Correct Answer: C. End

Q. 55   Which of the following options is used to display information such a title, page number of the document ?
  • Correct Answer: B. Header and Footer

Q. 56   What is a set of unified design elements that provides a look for your document by using color, fonts and graphics ?
  • Correct Answer: D. Theme

Q. 57   _____ is a versatile word processing program that offers flexibility in correcting and revising your work, as well as a number of stylistic options to improve your documents.
  • Correct Answer: D. Microsoft word

Q. 58   To specify margins in word, the user has to select Page Setup option from which menu ?
  • Correct Answer: C. File

Q. 59   In _____ we can see the status of the document.
  • Correct Answer: B. Status bar

Q. 60   What is a gallery of text styles that you can add to your documents to create decorative effects ?
  • Correct Answer: C. WordArt

Q. 61   What is gutter margin?
  • Correct Answer: D. Margin that is added to the left margin when printing

Q. 62   _____ can use to navigate a long document through small pictures of each page.
  • Correct Answer: A. Thumbnails

Q. 63   Background color or effects applied on a document is not visible in
  • Correct Answer: A. Print Preview

Q. 64   Turn on _____, which allows word to break lines between the syllables of words.
  • Correct Answer: A. Hyphenation

Q. 65   Microsoft word is ____ software.
  • Correct Answer: A. Application

Q. 66   Which is not an edition of MS Word ?
  • Correct Answer: D. MS Word 2018

Q. 67   The ___ works with the standard Copy and Paste commands.
  • Correct Answer: C. Office Clipboard

Q. 68   What is the blank space outside the printing area on a page ?
  • Correct Answer: B. Margins

Q. 69   Which of the following is an example of page orientation ?
  • Correct Answer: A. Landscape

Q. 70   Formatting is performed on
  • Correct Answer: D. Both (Text) and (Table)

Q. 71   Press ____ to open the help window in MS word document.
  • Correct Answer: A. F1

Q. 72   Which bar shows the current position as far the text goes ?
  • Correct Answer: D. Status bar

Q. 73   ____ is not a part of a MS Word document
  • Correct Answer: B. Start Menu button

Q. 74   The name of a word document displays in ____
  • Correct Answer: B. Title bar

Q. 75   MS Word is ____ software.
  • Correct Answer: B. Word processing

Q. 76   The valid format of MS Word is ___
  • Correct Answer: C. .doc

Q. 77   A word gets selected by clicking it
  • Correct Answer: B. Twice

Q. 78   A _____ identifies a location or a selection of text that you name and identify for future reference.
  • Correct Answer: B. Bookmark

Q. 79   #Name in MS Excel? What does error mean?
  • Correct Answer: A. formula error

Q. 80   _____ is the change the way text warps around the selected object.
  • Correct Answer: A. Text wrapping

Q. 81   To view paragraph marks, clicks on the _____ tab, in the paragraph group, click Show/Hide.
  • Correct Answer: B. Home

Q. 82   A major step before taking print of the document is
  • Correct Answer: D. Both (To set paper setting) and (To see print preview of the document)

Q. 83   _____ include the selected text in the index of the document.
  • Correct Answer: A. Mark entry

Q. 84   To see the document before the printout is taken, use
  • Correct Answer: A. Print Preview

Q. 85   Portrait and Landscape are
  • Correct Answer: C. Page Orientation

Q. 86   Line spacing is in the ____ of MS Word.
  • Correct Answer: D. Home tab

Q. 87   Which of the following is the fastest data transmission cable?
  • Correct Answer: C. optical fiber

Q. 88   ____ Button brings word window to the maximum original size.
  • Correct Answer: C. Restore

Q. 89   Arial, Cambria, Verdana, Times New Roman are the name of ____
  • Correct Answer: B. Font face

Q. 90   Which file format cannot be added to a Word document ?
  • Correct Answer: C. .kpz

Q. 91   ____ refers to forward the object one level or to the front of all objects.
  • Correct Answer: C. Bring to front

Q. 92   Which of the following is not an option in clipboard ?
  • Correct Answer: D. Page setup

Q. 93   After inset a chart, we edit the data of the chart in
  • Correct Answer: D. Excel

Q. 94   Sort feature is for ___ in MS Word document.
  • Correct Answer: D. Alphabetize

Q. 95   What is a note or annotation that an author or review adds to a document ?
  • Correct Answer: A. Comment

Q. 96   What is the blinking symbol on the screen that shows where the next character will appear ?
  • Correct Answer: A. Cursor

Q. 97   SmartArt is the feature of ____
  • Correct Answer: D. Microsoft Office

Q. 98   A(n) ____ lists the terms and topics that are discussed in a document, along with the pages that they appear on.
  • Correct Answer: B. Index

Q. 99   What are the basic rectangular building blocks of a spreadsheet ?
  • Correct Answer: A. Cells

Q. 100   Another name for a pre-programmed formula in Excel is
  • Correct Answer: C. Function

Q. 101   Excel is a program that is used to prepare a
  • Correct Answer: B. Spreadsheet

Q. 102   In which tab wrap text feature is present in MS Excel 2013 ?
  • Correct Answer: D. Home

Q. 103   Which of the following identifies a cell in Excel ?
  • Correct Answer: A. Address

Q. 104   Which term is used to join the selected cells in to one cell ?
  • Correct Answer: D. Merge

Q. 105   Which of the following Excel charts represents only one value for each variable ?
  • Correct Answer: B. Pie

Q. 106   A formula in Excel always begins with an ____
  • Correct Answer: A. Equal sign

Q. 107   A(n) ____ is a series of two or more adjacent cells in a column or row or rectangular group of cells.
  • Correct Answer: C. Range

Q. 108   Which bar show the used formula of selected active cell ?
  • Correct Answer: A. Formula bar

Q. 109   What is the default row height of MS Excel ?
  • Correct Answer: D. 15 height

Q. 110   Excel documents are stored as files called
  • Correct Answer: C. Worksheets

Q. 111   What refers to the horizontal cells which can contain information ?
  • Correct Answer: B. Rows

Q. 112   Which of the following is the default numbers of worksheet in MS Excel 2013 ?
  • Correct Answer: B. One

Q. 113   Formulas in Excel are made up of ___
  • Correct Answer: A. Arithmetical operators and functions

Q. 114   The result is a ___ value either TRUE or FALSE.
  • Correct Answer: A. Logical

Q. 115   On an Excel sheet, the active cell is indicated by
  • Correct Answer: A. A dark wide border

Q. 116   The letter and number of the intersecting column and row is the
  • Correct Answer: C. Cell address

Q. 117   Which sign indicate to multiplication ?
  • Correct Answer: A. Asterisk

Q. 118   In a spreadsheet, a ____ is a number you will use in a calculation.
  • Correct Answer: A. Value

Q. 119   What is the default column width of MS Excel ?
  • Correct Answer: D. 8.43

Q. 120   Press ____ to close the window of MS Excel.
  • Correct Answer: C. Alt + F4

Q. 121   Press ______ to saves the active file with its current file name, location, and file format.
  • Correct Answer: A. Ctrl + S

Q. 122   Which of the following is an active cell in excel ?
  • Correct Answer: D. Current cell

Q. 123   ___ operator, combines multiple references into one reference.
  • Correct Answer: C. Comma

Q. 124   A spreadsheet is a sheet which is spread in such a way that it divides itself into the various _____ and ______
  • Correct Answer: D. Horizontal row, vertical columns

Q. 125   You can undo and redo up to ____ action in Microsoft Office Excel, even after a worksheet is saved.
  • Correct Answer: A. 50 actions

Q. 126   Which of the following function used to adds the values in the function argument or the values in the all references in the argument ?
  • Correct Answer: B. SUM

Q. 127   Press ___ to close an open menu or submenu, dialog box, or message window.
  • Correct Answer: D. Esc

Q. 128   Workbook is collection of
  • Correct Answer: B. Worksheets

Q. 129   Which symbol is not used in file name?
  • Correct Answer: C. *

Q. 130   What happens if you don't put an equal sign (=) before a formula in MS Excel?
  • Correct Answer: C. the formula does not work

Q. 131   Which was the first computer built by Charles Babbage?
  • Correct Answer: C. ENIAC

Q. 132   Which was the world's first general purpose electronic digital computer?
  • Correct Answer: C. ENIAC

Q. 133   What is the full form of SATA?
  • Correct Answer: A. Serial advanced technology attachment

Q. 134   In which menu is there the option of Split document?
  • Correct Answer: A. View Menu

Q. 135   Where is the selected text saved when cut and copied?
  • Correct Answer: B. in the clipboard

Q. 136   How many text alignments are there in MS Word?
  • Correct Answer: C. 4 text

Q. 137   What does the Shift + F7 shortcut key do?
  • Correct Answer: B. Runs a thesaurus check on the highlighted word

Q. 138   What does cc mean in e-mail?
  • Correct Answer: B. sending the same email document to different people

Q. 139   What does Alt+Tab do?
  • Correct Answer: D. moves from one window to another

Q. 140   Full form of PC?
  • Correct Answer: A. Personal Computer

Q. 141   How many steps are available for mail merge?
  • Correct Answer: B. 6 steps

Q. 142   A component of a computer that you can see and touch is called?
  • Correct Answer: C. Hardware

Q. 143   Information on a computer is stored in the form of ………?
  • Correct Answer: B. digital data

Q. 144   Which key deletes the text to the left of the cursor?
  • Correct Answer: C. Backspace

Q. 145   Which of the following is not a social site?
  • Correct Answer: A. Amazon

Q. 146   Where does the letter address appear in 'active cell'?
  • Correct Answer: B. Name Box

Q. 147   How would you margin the document?
  • Correct Answer: D. Page layout, Page setup

Q. 148   What is the function of '=COUNT()' function?
  • Correct Answer: A. Finds the number of numbers

Q. 149   Email is a ______ communication.
  • Correct Answer: A. Public

Q. 150   Which key is used to select more than one item?
  • Correct Answer: D. a & b both

Q. 151   How many rows are there in Excel 2013?
  • Correct Answer: C. 1048576 rows

Q. 152   Where is BCC used?
  • Correct Answer: C. email

Q. 153   How to write days from Monday to Saturday in Excel?
  • Correct Answer: B. Write Monday and drag it down from the right down corner with the mouse

Q. 154   What is the maximum number of characters that can be used in an 'email address'?
  • Correct Answer: A. 320 number

Q. 155   Which of these devices are not 'data storage'?
  • Correct Answer: D. modem

Q. 156   Which of the following is not a shortcut key to 'Alignment'?
  • Correct Answer: A. Ctrl + K

Q. 157   Where are the Maximize, Minimize and Close buttons?
  • Correct Answer: A. title bar

Q. 158   Which shortcut key will be used for Save as in MS Office?
  • Correct Answer: D. F12

Q. 159   Which of these is a free web browser?
  • Correct Answer: D. All of the above

Q. 160   What is the full form of QR?
  • Correct Answer: A. Quick response code

Q. 161   Which of the following is used to reduce font size?
  • Correct Answer: D. both b and c

Q. 162   What is the default 'page zoom' in Excel?
  • Correct Answer: C. 100%

Q. 163   What is the maximum file size that can be sent in e-mail?
  • Correct Answer: A. 25 MB

Q. 164   What is the maximum percentage of zoom in MS power point?
  • Correct Answer: A. 400 zoom

Q. 165   You accidentally make a mistake, when you are working on your document, how do you recover it?
  • Correct Answer: B. Ctrl + Z

Q. 166   Who invented the keyboard (Founder of Keyboard)?
  • Correct Answer: B. Christopher Latham Sholes

Q. 167   Which of the following is not an output device?
  • Correct Answer: C. Light pen

Q. 168   Most of the tasks that are done on windows computer start with…… menu?
  • Correct Answer: A. start

Q. 169   If your computer reboots automatically then it is likely that it has ………?
  • Correct Answer: A. virus

Q. 170   Which of the following is the service that gives us 360° view of the earth?
  • Correct Answer: A. Google Earth

Q. 171   A formula that will multiply the value of cell D2 by adding the value of cell B2 to the value of cell C2?
  • Correct Answer: B. =(B2+C2)*D2

Q. 172   What will be the full name of WWW?
  • Correct Answer: B. World wide web

Q. 173   What is the full name of BCC?
  • Correct Answer: C. Blind Carbon Copy

Q. 174   What will be the full form of LCD?
  • Correct Answer: A. Liquid Crystal Display

Q. 175   What does 'e' mean in e-mail?
  • Correct Answer: C. Electronic

Q. 176   What is the full form of VGA?
  • Correct Answer: C. Video graphic area

Q. 177   Full form of....CC?
  • Correct Answer: B. Carbon Copy

Q. 178   The data kept in which of the following memory is temporary and gets destroyed automatically when the computer is turned off?
  • Correct Answer: A. Random Access Memory

Q. 179   What program is used in MS-Word to check the spelling?
  • Correct Answer: D. Spelling & Grammar

Q. 180   The ____ is a customizable toolbar that contains commands that you may want to use.
  • Correct Answer: B. Quick access toolbar

Q. 181   The software that is used to create text based document are referred to as
  • Correct Answer: C. Word Processors

Q. 182   In MS word we insert
  • Correct Answer: D. All of these

Q. 183   User can use _____ commands to search for and correct words in a document.
  • Correct Answer: B. Find and Replace

Q. 184   What is the default page size for word document?
  • Correct Answer: A. Letter

Q. 185   Where all the tabs (Ex. Home tab, insert tab, etc.) are located?
  • Correct Answer: B. Ribbon

Q. 186   ____ refer to numbers that are positioned slightly higher or slightly lower than the text on the line respectively.
  • Correct Answer: B. Superscript and Subscript

Q. 187   View the document as it would look as a webpage is
  • Correct Answer: D. Web layout

Q. 188   Using Print Preview is useful. When you want to
  • Correct Answer: D. view how the document will appear when printed

Q. 189   Which functionin Excel checks whether a condition is true or not ?
  • Correct Answer: C. IF

Q. 190   Superscript, subscript, strikethrough are known as ?
  • Correct Answer: C. Font Effects

Q. 191   Name the application under MS Office software bundle, that we use to create audio visual presentation.
  • Correct Answer: C. MS PowerPoint

Q. 192   We can apply border to _________
  • Correct Answer: D. All of These

Q. 193   Suppose there is a text in a document that is Bold, Red in Color with Green Background. We want to apply all of these formatting to another paragraph in one go. Which option will we use ?
  • Correct Answer: C. Format Painter

Q. 194   The Greater Than sign (>) is an example of _____ operator.
  • Correct Answer: B. Logical

Q. 195   Which one is an example of spreadsheet software ?
  • Correct Answer: A. MS Excel

Q. 196   When a file is saved for the first time?
  • Correct Answer: B. it must be given a name to identify it

Q. 197   Which of the following is a storage device?
  • Correct Answer: D. All of the above

Q. 198   Unwanted repetitious messages, such as unsolicited bulk e-mail is known as_________?
  • Correct Answer: A. Spam

Q. 199   If you click on the Undo button ____
  • Correct Answer: A. It will remove the new text and restore the original text back

Q. 200   If you have a PowerPoint show you created and want to send using email to another teacher you can add the show to your email message as a (an)
  • Correct Answer: B. Attachment

Q. 201   How many buttons are there in a mouse?
  • Correct Answer: A. three

Q. 202   Who among the following is the founder of E-mail?
  • Correct Answer: B. Ray Tomlinson

Q. 203   What is the full name of Wi-Fi?
  • Correct Answer: A. Wireless Fidelity

Q. 204   Where is the deleted file stored?
  • Correct Answer: B. Recycle Bin

Q. 205   The primary purpose of software is to convert data into _______?
  • Correct Answer: B. Information

Q. 206   Who among the following is the founder of Telegram?
  • Correct Answer: B. A and C

Q. 207   Which of the following is an example of secondary memory?
  • Correct Answer: B. Hdd

Q. 208   For how many days do deleted emails remain in the 'Trash folder'?
  • Correct Answer: C. 30 days

Q. 209   What is the full name of Ceo?
  • Correct Answer: A. Chief Executive Officer

Q. 210   How long is a one time password valid?
  • Correct Answer: A. 10 Min

Q. 211   Who invented Google?
  • Correct Answer: A. Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Q. 212   Who invented Microsoft?
  • Correct Answer: D. Both B) & C)

Q. 213   Who is the founder of SpaceX?
  • Correct Answer: A. Elon Musk

Q. 214   Who is the founder of Facebook ?
  • Correct Answer: D. Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Q. 215   What is Google?
  • Correct Answer: A. search engine